• Coaching Talks session no 1 – Values

    Coaching Talks session no 1 – Values

    Thank you to all who participated in my webinar this week. I hope you found the format and information useful. We discussed Values and how we can use them to take better informed decisions in our lives. Here is a recap of the workshop. To identify values we can ask: Then once you have your… Read more

  • “Coaching Talks” webinars in May, 2020.

    “Coaching Talks” webinars in May, 2020.

    As I have a bit more time on my hands these days I decided I would like to share with more people what is dearest to me. You see, I am not a medical professional neither cashier nor a postwoman, but I have a certain knowledge that could be useful for some of you. This… Read more

  • Positive Success Group Coach of the month – 03.2019 – Irish network

    Positive Success Group Coach of the month – 03.2019 – Irish network

    Here is a copy of the interview for Positive Success Group that nominated me as a Coach of the Month in March 2019. Link to original post below. How coaching has added value to my life: I can identify 3 areas where coaching, learning about it and its application into my daily life, brought me… Read more

  • Having a choice

    For International Women’s Day I had a honour to speak to over 100 women in Geneva about CHOICE. “Making a choice to me is about simple daily choices, how we choose to communicate with others and choosing the dreams to follow…” Our Training Program Manager Ewa Duraj told an audience of a 100 professionals, who came to… Read more

  • ‘Be inspiring’ lunch

    I will have a privilege to give a motivational speech on 8th of March 2019 in Geneva. Looking forward to it. Now the pressure is on:) Read more

  • Russian, ice cream, and Rosetta Stone.

    Russian, ice cream, and Rosetta Stone.

    Se here I am starting again learning Russian. I always had a soft spot for this language. I learnt my first words when travelling with my parents around Soviet Union, somewhere between 1985-1988. My first sentence/phrase that I practiced with an extreme dedication was Мороженое пожалуйста (Ice cream, please).  My parents gave me some pocket money… Read more

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