• End of year resolutions

    It’s already December. Soon will be Christmas. Some of us will spend way to much, eat too much and indulge too much. On 1st January some of us will make promises and take New Year’s resolutions to stop or to start something that we always wanted to do. I usually take some time to identify… Read more

  • Success bank in coaching

    Success bank in coaching

    Success Bank is a way of keeping a track of your achievements. It helps you in maintaining stable level of self-confidence and give yourself peace of mind. I use it myself for situations that are new and require extra mental strength and confidence. It is a record of my achievements so I know my potential,… Read more

  • Audiobooks


    I started listening to audiobooks in 2010 due to my newly then developed talent for falling asleep after two pages of any book I’d read. Considering fact that most of the books I own have on average 500 pages that would be 250 nights per book. Mere 1,5 book a year…. I knew how important is reading for self-development… Read more

  • Vision board in coaching Generation Z

    Vision board in coaching Generation Z

    I would like to share my experience and how I changed my approach to teaching after my coaching course, and its impact on my students. In 2017 I started using elements of coaching in my English teaching. The final project for my digital art students was a vision board and a presentation in English. They… Read more

  • Me, resistance and coaching

    Me, resistance and coaching

    My motto: If I don’t try, I won’t know brought me into many new things, I tried different sports, hobbies, jobs with different results but one thing in common: varied and valuable experience. I had this dream of becoming a coach for some time from my late 20s. At the time I would tell myself I… Read more

  • Marshmallow Challenge

    This is one of my favorite activities when teaching English. It allows all participants to  contribute regardless their English level and it’s simply fun! It has an additional learning benefit: a deep reflection on a teamwork.  So how do I proceed? I explain the rules first, distrubte the kit, then allow the teams to build… Read more

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