Mid Career
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Nanda, The Netherlands 2023

My coaching sessions with Ewa helped me to get clarity on my career aspirations and to decide on a trajectory. In a few sessions we identified my strengths and objectives. By structuring my ideas for the future, she enabled me to choose a set of skills to develop, which have enabled me to reach the next level in my career and thrive. The coaching sessions were inspiring and empowering. I recommend anyone who’s at a career crossroad to take a moment with Ewa to look inside oneself to see what the best way forward is, and make a personalized plan to get there.

MId Career

Marion, France, 2023

Durant les coaching, Ewa m’a amené à réfléchir très sérieusement aux valeurs que je défendaient et à mes positionnements sociaux, tant sur le plan professionnel que personnel. lorsque « l’émotionnel » prend le dessus, il est difficile de faire le tri seule entre le superflu et l’indispensable. Par le biais de discutions et de méthodologie, elle pose les bonnes questions,sans jamais être dans le jugement, et m’a permise d’être plus sereine en affirmant mes choix, mes compétences professionnelles et mes envies. J’utilise ses techniques au quotidien depuis nos séances et les résultats sont très positifs !

Mid Career
Testomonies - Missing Jigsaw Business Coaching

Anonymous, Geneva, 2023

Ewa helped me through a difficult professional phase. She allowed me to gain back confidence and find tools to put my wellbeing first. She also guided me to redefine my priorities and my own meaning of success. After 6 sessions, I feel empowered and ready to take on a new professional challenge while taking care of myself.


Brigitte, Austria , 2022

I’m think that every good coach needs a coach for himself/herself as well. With her very positive way she supported me to look at topics I usually don’t look at.  By doing so I gained a lot of energy for my daily work as well as for my personal development. Ewa showed a remarkable degree of patience as I explored what might be getting in the way of me finding answers to the questions I’m looking to address. There were a couple of moments of real enlightenment in there which have given me something to take forward.


Anonymous, Geneva, 2022

I worked with Ewa after returning from maternity leave, and I can only be grateful for what she helped me to realize.
Ewa was able to build a real relationship of trust from the very first sessions.
Ewa knew how to hear and listen to the ” not said ” and helped me to become aware of what would be the most beneficial and best for me for my future.
Her listening skills and empathy make Ewa an excellent coach, whom I can only highly recommend to anyone who wishes to move forward and become aware of who they really are.

Early Career
Testomonies - Missing Jigsaw Business Coaching

Sasha, France, 2022

I worked with Ewa for a few sessions. It was undeniably a success, as I noticed changes from our first session together. She helped me set my priorities straight and be more aware of my abilities and my goals. It is always a pleasure working and growing with her help because of how kind and gentle she is.

Mid career

Laura, France, 2022

Ewa m’a accompagné dans la préparation d’un entretien pour un poste à Genève que j’ai obtenu. Très pédagogue et professionnelle, elle a su être à l’écoute pour cerner mes besoins et ma personnalité.


Marzena, Costa Rica, 2022

Coming back to reality after having a baby is a challenge. Being overwhelmed and isolated takes away the self-esteem and getting back to social, professional life is super hard. Thank to Ewa’s caching I was able to break down all of those scary tasks and project into a very doable and rational steps and got me excited and back to myself.

Mid Career

Alice, France, 2017

Thanks to coaching with Ewa I deisigned my dream life and 2 years later started living this dream life. It’s incredible to realise how much power we hold.

Early Career

Marius, UK, 2018 & 2021

The coaching session with Ewa have been very beneficial to improve both my professional and personal mindset, skill and competencies.
Her insights are always impactful and really helped me in thinking of new approaches to manage my tasks and goals.

Career & Life

Ewa, Poland, 2019

Our Coach & Hike was a life changing experience. I gained clarity and designed my dream life. I am now a owner of a successful retail business in Krakow and can’t be more grateful for Ewa’s support.

Some of my testimonies are anonymous to respect the privacy of my clients. Trust is one of the key pillars in the coaching relationships I build with my coachees.

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