Coaching for Working Parents

We can work together to make you flourish regardless the amount of sleep you might get…

I work with mums & dads who want more from their careers and need to find practical ways of managing their busy family life and their work. I create a safe space for parents to hear themseves and focus on what’s important.

I help to identify what matters, concentrate on key objectives and set up boundaries to help my clients protect their time and energy. I also encourage my clients to review and plan their family’s financial health and future.

Coaching for parents include can Maternity Returners Coaching and matherhood or fatherhood transitions. I call it short a MATPAT Coaching from Maternity & Paternity.

I also propose MATPAT coaching packages for companies for their employee benefit programs.


I support female professionals at different stages of their motherhood. It starts with some help into adjusting into a new life role, exploring what matherhood is for them, how they can recharge their energy and also design career goals in line with their values, strenghts & ambitions.


I help dads decide how to juggle thier role of a dad & a professional. With the coaching approach we can explore what is important, what resources they have to handle their new reality and how could this life transition be maximised for the benefits of all.


I can increse your managers’ awareness on the impact of maternity and paternity leave on their staff careers, share best practices to avoid burnout among parents & retain the talent. Your managers will get a simple toolkit to handle their conversations.

The outcomes of my MATPAT coaching for my clients include:

  • smooth return to work and better workload and expectations management
  • reshaping their family and work dynamics to engage everyone and gain additional time for themselves
  • clarifying their career ambitions and career plans
  • negotiating new working arrangments including flexibility, promotions and raises
  • developing resilience and reducing stress and firefighting in their daily lives
  • changing jobs/employers to align their work with their values and their family needs
  • retraining and starting a new career
  • opening their businesses
  • planing their retirement – even if that’s in 30 years time
  • increasing happiness and life satisfaction

What do my clients say?

I’ve noticed incresed clarity in my thinking after each coaching session. It was a challenge for me to find a balance between me as “a mum” and me as “a professional” but thanks to that safe space I had a chance to reflect and explore what’s important to me and act on it. I would recommend MATPAT coaching to all new parents. Game changer. Less guilt, more joy and focus.

Rose, Geneva, April 2022

From our very first session, Ewa was warm and welcoming, creating a safe space for me to share my concerns and fears. She listened attentively and asked insightful questions that helped me identify my strengths and skills. Ewa helped me to see that being a mother and a professional were not mutually exclusive, and that I had valuable skills and experiences to bring to the table.
Ewa provided me with practical tools and strategies to help me manage my time more effectively and prioritize my tasks. She also helped me to develop a self-care routine that allowed me to take care of myself as well as my family and work commitments.
Ewa’s guidance and support were instrumental in empowering me to return to my professional life with renewed confidence and self-assurance. I felt empowered not only as a mother and a professional but most importantly as a woman. Ewa helped me to see that my experiences as a mother had given me a unique perspective and set of skills that I could use to my advantage in my professional life.
Overall, my experience with Ewa as a maternity coach was incredibly positive, and I would highly recommend her to any new mother looking to navigate the transition back to their professional life. Ewa is a kind, empathetic, and knowledgeable coach who truly cares about helping her clients reach their full potential.

Flor, Lausanne, December 2022

Motherhood undoubtedly changes you completely, having received coaching sessions from Ewa has helped me discover the person that I have become since then, with more defined values ​​and priorities. The tools used in our meetings have allowed me to regain confidence in myself and in my professional skills to be able to exploit them after becoming a mother. Ewa is a great person, passionate about her profession and gives her best for her clients.

Diana, Geneva, February 2023

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