Career & Transitions

Your career isn’t a sprint but rather a marathon. I can help you prepare for a long-term success.

Since 2017 I coach professionals at different career stages starting from students to experienced professionals in a VUCA  (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) context.

We explore different career options, identify my clients’, unique strengths and empower them to make courages career choices aligned with their needs and purpose. Depends on the needs of the client we work on a range of topics such as personal branding, enabling beliefs, motivators, career goals, defintion of success, networking strategies, storytelling, interview prepartions, change management and many more.

I also propose Career Coaching packages for companies for their employee benefit programs.

Early Careers

I support graduates in their quest for the first job and when they start a new role. We look at their strengths, communiation skills and self-awareness techniques. I also work with high school students to help them increase thier self-confidence and navigate their busy schedules of exams. We would also explore 3rd level education programs that they might be interested in.

Mid Career

With mid career individuals we often explore their purpose, motivations and career ambitions. Throughout the coaching we explore strategies on how to progress in their current organisation and how efficiently use their network for long-term success. Some clients use coaching also to increase their well-being due to increased stress or recent burnout.


I work with professionals getting closer to their retirement age to help them define their retirement project, financial security and the way they can pass on their business acument to the new generation. We look together at various change management techniques and fulfillment opportunities awaiting.

The Career Coaching outcomes for my clients include:

  • clear professional ambitions and an defined career path
  • new working arrangments including remote work, promotions and rises
  • changing employers, moving to a different departments, or changing roles withing the organisation to align their work with their values and needs
  • taking a leadership role within their existing company
  • developing resilience and reducing stress by introducing coaching tools into their daily practice (journaling, self-reflection etc.)
  • finding a mentor who supports them in their career
  • using more efficently their network & developing new professional connections
  • developing their personal brand and becoming a leader in their domain on profesional social media platforms
  • retraining and starting a new career
  • opening their businesses
  • planing their retirement – even if that’s in 30 years time
  • increased happiness and life satisfaction

What do my clients say?

As her coachee, I can say that she takes a deep personal interest when coaching someone and her work has been transformational to me, helping me identify my core values and how to integrate them in life and business. It resulted in a new role and better alignment with my family life and my purpose and strengths.

Juan, Switzerland, Jan 2022

Being coached by Ewa was a great and successful experience. As I was feeling stucked with decisions and choices to make, Ewa helped me to clarify my needs and objectives, get out of my comfort zone by questionning myself in a constructive way, and identify my own ressources to be confident in the choices I made. Moreover, Ewa is a really sweet and caring person and I very much appreciated her kindness and her listening during our sessions. I will definitely get back to coaching sessions with her for future guidance.

Vanina, Geneva, Oct 2022

Click here for a Career Coaching program details and pricing for individuals.

Group Career Coaching Program – for individual clients – new cohort starting in Sept 2023

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