Career Coaching offer – individual clients

Move your Career to the next level.

Wherever you are at the moment in your career I can help you with identifing your values and strenghts, discovering your purspose, setting up firm boundries and becoming more assertive, increasing your motivation & focus and expanding your current thinking among many.

I probably will challenge you by asking questions, observing your non-verbal communication, summarizing and rephrazing what you said to help you organise your thoughts, realise what is really important and set as a result some SMART goals and objectives to bring the change to your career.

I will create a safe space for a reflection and we will look together at your plans, resources, options and ambitions.

I honestly believe that every client is whole resourceful and creative which means I don’t fix anybody. I just unlock the potential with my deep listening skills, empathy and coaching presence.

The coaching program I am offering will require from you some additional work between the sessions such as regular self-reflection, research, experimenting with your mindset and finding a courage to try new ways of being and doing.

It’s like moving in a video game to the next level or being upgraded on your long-distance flight…

Are you ready?

Reach out via email:

Program elements:

30 min chemistry check call

6 one hour coaching sessions

Coaching tools

Self-study materials

Support in between the sessions via Whatsapp and/or email

1h final review session

Duration: 3 months

Total Cost: €1200

or €400 monthly

Students & unemployed: €1020

or €340 monthly

10% price reduction with a full payment upfront.

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