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Bringing the best in others.

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By promoting the belief that everyone is creative, whole and resourceful we give people around us the right to learn & evolve at their own pace with our support. This is what coaching is about and why I believe it is essential for the future of work and happy, balanced lives.

At The Akkademy I coached graduate engineers on Values, Definition of Success, Self-Confidence, Motivation and how to design their career path. I coached in last 3 years over 1100 people in 1-2-2 and group settings.

In 2020 I also developed Group Coaching Program for Change Management to help my colleagues to adapt to covid19 and new economic reality which requires loads of agility and offering mainly ambiguity. On top of it I am working in my personal time on a program for Redundancy Coaching as I can see increasing need for this type of interventions.

2021 brought me a new adventure which is a motherhood. Therefore I am taking it easy this year and decided to invest most of my time into my ICF ACC accreditation so I can provide better services to my clients.


I mentor (pro-bono) young individuals including high school and university students. I help them with self-management and self-awareness skills, also self-discipline and wider life skills including financial planing, exercise and cooking routines.

Training & Learning & In Education

In my latest role at AKKA I trained people in different areas starting from my favourite Emotional Intelligence (EQ), touching on team dynamics in Disney Innovation Strategy, Networking Skills and Business Culture. Every month I had a privilege to meet between 20-90 engineers from around the world who learnt about the company and developed their soft and technical skills.

I am also a visiting lecturer in Haute Ecole de Geneve where I deliver workshops for students in International Business Management program – usually 2-3 days a year.

What did International Business Management (HEG) students say:

“The few weeks that we spent with Mrs Ewa Duraj were very enriching, she was a very dynamic speaker and she had various methodology, tools, to vary the courses. No single courses with her was boring.”

“She was very positive and it was a pleasure to wake up in the morning and come to listen to her course. She warmed us with her positive energy and make us feel involved in ther course. Thank you to her for being such a nice teacher.”

“Ewa : The energy and positivity that Ewa puts in the courses is refreshing. It was contagious and motivated us to work and discover everything she offered. So thank you Ewa for transmitting us your positivity!”

“Ewa Duraj, an amazing teacher with a lot of good experience to share and to teach us.”

Teaching Testimonials

Coaching Testimonials

“I would be happy to recommend coaching sessions with Ewa. Some interesting topics and a lot of good energy. Ewa helps to find motivation to achieve your goals and supports you all the way. In tough moments she will make you see you need to keep working on your success. Personally, after several sessions I change my attitude, focused on specific goals, which I achieved within 2 years. Really recommended.”

Bartlomiej, February 2018, Warsaw, Poland

“I was very lucky to work with Ewa for almost 2 years at Olive. During this time Ewa was my mentor and helped me develop both professionally and personally. Ewa was always there to guide me through any challenges and always encouraged me to seek a solution to any problems I encountered. Ewa’s passion to help other people develop their skills and become successful makes her an excellent coach. Even though we no longer work together or reside in the same country, Ewa is always there through email and I will always ask her for guidance when I am struggling to develop or solve a current problem. I would recommend Ewa as a coach to anyone looking to develop both professionally and personally.”

Claire, January 2018, Dublin (source Linkedin)

“Ewa is a multi-talented professional with many strings to her bow including Coaching, Human Resources, Training, Lecturing and Project Management. My contact with Ewa has been primarily in a coaching capacity and I can say with confidence that she has all of the attributes needed to excel in the world of coaching – she is an active listener with very strong emotional intelligence and her clients will benefit greatly from her positive and uplifting energy and genuine passion for coaching. This is what strikes me most about Ewa – she is successful as what she does as she is extremely passionate about her profession and supporting her clients. I wish her the very best and look forward to hearing about her achievements, which will be many.”

Lorraine Shine, Recruitment Manager, MCIPD, Qualified Career, Personal & Executive Coach,  January 2018, Dublin

“Ewa a été mon mentor en Irlande, qui m’a formé au métier de Gestionnaire de Ressource Humaine. Avec elle j’ai enfin pu découvrir ce qu’est un vrai et bon manager en entreprise. 
Par le biais de lecture quotidienne, d’entretien hebdomadaire et de mise en pratique sur le terrain j’ai pu acquérir les compétences nécessaires à la réussite de mon stage.
Ewa m’a notamment initié à la pratique de l’Intelligence Emotionnelle et a découvrir comment gérer efficacement son environnement au travail par la méthode du “happiness advantage”.”

Brice Laurentin, Trade Finance Analyst, August 2015, Dublin

Coaching Testimonials