Lean In Lake Geneva Emotional (EQ) Intelligence Session

I had an opportunity to share my knowledge on EQ and tips how to improve it. A dozen of motivated and ambitious women from Lean In Lake Geneva joined me via Zoom to increase their understanding of EQ, find the way to apply this concept to their personal life and career, and also to connect with other participants via breakout rooms and discuss their own experience. We finalised the workshop with a EQ journaling challenge that encouraged participants to keep a journal for 21 days in which they would write daily their gratitude, note down at least 3 “Thank you messages” and observe themselves through entire week of “trying sth new daily” activities and so on.

I strongly believe that Covid19 reality and societal psychological current needs require this type of initiatives to support our networks and people within them. There is a huge amount of stress in our daily lives due to isolation, health risks, financial losses, widespread ambiguity and many other factors & issues that resurfaced in and after lockdown. By understanding ourselves better, taking time to reflect and stop for a moment we can approach all mentioned challenges with more serenity and calm and make better decisions. In addition having a knowledge of EQ components and the possibility to explore the EQ theory first by reflecting on ourselves and then by listening to others talking about their EQ experience can widen our self-awareness. The journal challenges were designed to increase participants self-regulation and help them test their daily motivation for 21 days.

I delivered this workshop as a part of my yearly volunteering commitments. I always believed in giving back and saw the importance of sharing your expertise with others.

About the session
The Emotional Intelligence workshop will provide you with general knowledge of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and the techniques which can increase your self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy and motivation.

The workshop will give you a set of simple methods to increase your EQ, to help you in navigating post-covid19 world and dealing with ambiguity & change. It’s a hands-on workshop, your participation will be expected!

Date: 14th September 2020, 7pm, via ZOOM

About the expert and facilitator
Ewa Duraj is a coach practitioner, she works full time in the Learning Department at The Akkademy in Geneva. Since 2016 Ewa has been a visiting lecturer at Haute Ecole de Gestion in Geneva, Switzerland. She is passionate about positive psychology, personal growth and technology.

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