Coaching Talks session no 1 – Values

Thank you to all who participated in my webinar this week. I hope you found the format and information useful. We discussed Values and how we can use them to take better informed decisions in our lives. Here is a recap of the workshop.

To identify values we can ask:

  • What is important to me? what motivates me? (an extensive list below)
  • What annoys me? Here we need to look at the opposite of the annoying thing or behavior:
    1. People arriving late – so this could be ‘punctuality’ or ‘respect’ or ‘professionalism’
    2. Gossiping – this could be ‘honesty’, ‘clear communication’ or ‘respect’
    3. Negativity – this could mean your value include ‘positive mindset’, ‘hope’ , ‘growth’, ‘professionalism’ etc.

Then once you have your values identified and highlighted top 5-7 values, you can ask yourself this question:

To what extend do you respect your values in your everyday life?

Think about examples, write them down. Also I would recommend journaling and keeping a track of your values to see when you hijack them and when you nourish them; and to look for patterns.

Using your values in decision-making could help in following scenarios:

  • Finding motivation to complete something important
  • Bringing back your focus to what’s important – energy management
  • Looking for a new employment, career change

When it’s hard and you might regret your decision, your values will remind you WHY you made that decision.

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