“Coaching Talks” webinars in May, 2020.

As I have a bit more time on my hands these days I decided I would like to share with more people what is dearest to me. You see, I am not a medical professional neither cashier nor a postwoman, but I have a certain knowledge that could be useful for some of you.

This resulted in a creation of “Coaching Talks” webinars.

The first of the series will concentrate on Values. By understanding your values you will be able to distinguish what is important in your life and how to concentrate your energy on actions that can bring you closer to your goal and dreams. 
In this 1h workshop I will explain how to identify your values, how to test your thinking and at the end of it you should have a draft list of your values identified and tools to help you take decisions you will be comfortable with. 

There will be two webinars Taking informed decision by understanding your values – Coaching Talk, one on Thursday evening (07.05.2020) at 7pm and second on Friday (08.05.2020), at 10am. I have a limit of 20 places per session so gram your seat as soon as possible.

Next Coaching Talks:

Week 2: Increase your self confidence using coaching tools. (click on the link to read the description and book a place)

  • Thursday, 14th May 7pm (Paris time)
  • Friday 15th May 11am

Week 3: Improve your Emotional Intelligence with simple routine over 3 weeks (click on the link to read description and book a place)

  • Thursday 21st May, 7pm
  • Friday 22nd May 10am

Week 4: How to build your resilience TBA

Please feel free to share the above with people that might be interested or need it.

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