Group Career Coaching Program – individual clients

Move your Career to the next level with a professional coach and some additional peer support.

A group coaching program is for people who enjoy social interaction and prefer a group settings for their career reflections and planning. It’s also more affordable.

In the six 90 min sessions we will explore following topics (order might vary depending on the group):

  1. Your career values & how to set up healthy boundries at work
  2. Your unique talents and strengths & enabling beliefs
  3. Personal branding concept & networking opportunities
  4. Definition of success & career path design in line with your values, needs and ambitions
  5. Self-confidence & motivation
  6. Change management techniques in VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity).

We will create a safe space for a reflection and we will look together at your plans, resources, options and ambitions. The group coaching rules include: cofidentiality, no judgement, respect, support and encouragement and a belief that every person is whole, resourceful and creative.

I will provide you with coaching tools that you will be able to reuse at further stages of your career.

The benefit of working on your career with a coach in a group seetings include:

  • seeing different career plans
  • hearing about others’ experience
  • speaking up about your career dreams to others
  • getting encouragement from your peers
  • peer feedback
  • social learning & inspiration
  • presence and support of a professional coach in every session

The coaching program I am offering will require from you some additional work between the sessions such as regular self-reflection, research, experimenting with your mindset and finding a courage to try new ways of being and doing.

It’s like moving in a video game to the next level or being upgraded on your long-distance flight…

Are you ready?

Reach out via email:

Program elements:

30 min chemistry check call

6 x 90 min group coaching sessions online via MS Teams

Reflection and self-development activities & materials.

Group size: 4-8 participants

Duration: 3 months

2 intakes:

April and mid-Sept

Breakdown: 2 x 90 min sessions per month (Monday evenings)

Total of 9h of group coaching time with min additional 6h of personal work.

Cost: €210 per month

Total: €630

T&C full payment upfront

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