International Women’s Day 2023 Coaching Program Give Away

To celebrate International Women’s Day I am offering 1 Career Coaching program and 1 Coaching program for a working parent (dad, mum, maternity leave returner, adoption leave returner or an expecting parent) free of charge.

What is a “Coaching program” ?

A coaching program combines a 30 min chemistry check call and six 1 hour coaching sessions (in-person or remote) with a total of 6.5 hours to be delivered bythe end of June 2023. The sessions are usually organised every 2 weeks to allow some time for reflection and personal work between the sessions.

Please check the page What is coaching? to understand better what I can provide within a coaching session. It will guide you in your decision if coaching is a relevant solution for you or not.

How to participate in the draw?

You can simply write an email to (include in the subject IWD2023, please) and express your interest, specify which program you would like to get and if you feel comfortable briefly explain what might be your challenge or a need.

If you don’t require any coaching at the moment, think about your network and anyone that might benefit from having a space to reflect on topics ranging from their career to work-life balance priorities in the coming 3 months. Then share with them this page so they can contact me if they find this offer appealing.

I woud ask you to avoid posting this offer on social media and just use your personal and professional network so I can handle the number of requests. Don’t want to be a victim of my own success;)

Important to mention:

This offer is not limted to any specific gender nor employment type status nor geographical location etc.

I will organise a draw of two names among all submitted on 8th March and I will notify winners via email:) Due to confidentiality terms and conditions I won’t be able to publish the winners’ names on my website and social media.

Your data will be only stored and used to inform you about the outcomes of this draw. No newsletters neither marketing emails, I promise:)

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