Stanford course: “Motherhood & Work: Challenges & Opportunities for Positive Change”

I will start a 6 weeks course with Stanford Continuing Studies to help me become a better Parental Transition Coach. I cannot wait to connect with other participants once a week to learn together and share our perspectives and experiences.

By the end of the course I should deepend my knowledge and horizons on the following topics:

  • Building the foundation for change: why mothers? A close look at the motherhood
    penalty, the wage gap, the invisible load, gender inequality, and the data to support change.
  • The “caregiving crisis”, the care economy, and the impact of COVID-19. What next?
  • Work-family conflict, the opt-in vs. opt-out debate, and can women have it all?
  • The U.S. and beyond: A close look at the governmental and organizational policies
    that directly impact mothers.
  • Gender equity at home and its link to well-being, advancement at work, and overall
    gender equality.
  • The workplace of the future: what does an “evolved workplace” look like for
    working mothers? What are the structural, cultural, and leadership requirements to support working mothers and other kinds of caregivers in the workplace?

Stayed tuned for feedback.

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