How to prepare for ICF CKA Exam?

You will find here some practical tips and sources that will help you prepare for your ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment.

I passed my exam successfully in May 2023 and I went for the online option.

First some key info about the exam:

  • You can do it in person or online.
  • The exam has two parts and you can take 5 min break between.
  • There are 81 case scenario questions.
  • Each question will ask you what is the best and the worst action that the coach can choose.
  • There is only one correct best action and one correct worst action for each coaching scenario.
  • You can flag questions that you are not sure about and you would prefer to come back to them.
  • The exam is offered in English and Chinese (Simplified), French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic. More languages are coming in Q2 2023.
  • The scheduling in my case was available in a week from the booking date
  • Your exam result will appear on the OnVue screen after you finish your exam. In case the software closes itself before you can find your results on your ICF profile under My Credentialing > Access Exams Info > Exam History

Learning strategies and resources:

  1. I would strongly recommend reading ICF 8 Core Comeptencies over and over again with a reflection how these should be applied into your coaching practice.
  2. You will find some CKA sample questions but they only include the best action answer.
  3. I found very helpful videos that include the best and the worst action and very clear explanation. I compiled for you in a playlist on Youtube. This was really a game changer for me.
  4. I completed Ethics Course available on ICF Learning Portal. It was under 1h of content in an accessible format.
  5. I read through The Code of Ethics and additional insights offered by ICF.
  6. I watched ICF Video Series on ICF Code of Ethics with useful interpretations by people who actually developed the latest code.

Tips for preparing for the online exam:

You will need to download OnVUE software that will give you access to your exam. It will ask for your camera access as you will be recorded during your exam. You will need to take photos of your environment (4 sides of your laptop/PC) and photograph yourself and your ID.

Hope this article will help you prepare for your CKA exam. Let me know, if you found it useful and if you passed:) Best of luck!

More about the exam:

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