Career Coaching

It is proven that within coming years most of us will change employers, industries and/or positions. The increased use of technology in work will mean there will be less jobs and we will have to upskill and adapt to the new reality. The speed of changes is faster and we need to find ways to cope with it to be our best selves. Coaching can be one of the answers.

I am very proud that since 2018 I developed and implemented groups coaching sessions at The Akkademy for Graduate Engineers from joining AKKA. We look at coaching elements and tools such as:

  • Values – to allow better decision-making
  • Emotional Intelligence and EQ development techniques
  • Concept of “Success” & Success Bank Tool – for increased motivation and self-confidence based on evidence.
  • Team Dynamics (Disney Innovation Strategy)
  • Career Planning – to set up SMART goals for 3-5 years ahead
  • Networking skills

Since my start at The Akkademy I coached over 800 engineers.

In 2020 I also developed Group Coaching Program for Change Management to help my colleagues to adapt to covid19 reality and new economic reality asking for loads of agility and offering mainly ambiguity.

Coaching Programmes:

  • Career change & transition & clarity
  • Coaching for a greater success in an existing role or promotion
  • Work/life balance
  • Interviews & self-confidence
  • Redundancy Coaching


My experience: I am a Practitioner Coach certified by PSG in Dublin (09.2017). In addition I am CIPD member and I have over 3 years of recruitment experience and worked over last 3 years with people looking to change their careers. I helped them to prepare for interviews and supported them in the decision making process. I also deliver workshops on Emotional Intelligenece and Positive Psychology strategies. most-motivation-quotes

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