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How to learn English on your own?

There are many ways to improve your English. The more regular your contact with a foreign language is, the more you will progress.

I always recommend following techniques/sources:

  • BBC 6 minutes English  – series of topical discussion and new vocabulary, brought to you by excellent BBC Learning English presenters. You can choose from English at work, English at University, English we speak, LingoHac and many more. FREE
  • If your English is advanced I highly recommend . I am personally a big fan of audiobooks, I listen to them when commuting, cleaning my apartment or simply before going to bed. The only advice I could give is to listen to the sample of the book prior the purchase. If you consider listening to books, make sure you like the lector’s voice. I have books in French and English on my phone – see below. PAID

  • Another lazy and enjoyable way of learing is Netflix. I learnt a lot of French this way. I would recommend watching in English with English subtitles. Just be careful, you might binge-watch…. If you are a fan of cinema, watch films in original. PAID
  • Find English-speaking friends, look for Erasmus students or expats in the area. You can offer them exchange, 30 min of your native language in exchange of 30 min of English. You might even make friends! FREE
  • Read or watch news in English, I love BBC. For a bit of American accent watch American channels. FREE
  • Watch Ted Talks, get inspired and improve your English. You can turn on subtitles to make it easier at the start. FREE

It works for my French:) oui oui, c’est vrai!


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