Maternity Returners

Helping women blend their role as a mum and a professional and create their unique way to “have it all”, increase well-being and as a result FLOURISH.

I create a safe and non-judgemental space to explore new ways of thinking, to discuss shifting work and parental values, to assess the support network available and help in energy and time management.

My clients’ feedback proves that Maternity Returners Coaching helps coachee imporve their overall life and happiness by providing regular timeslot and space to explore changing beliefs and needs. The clients learn to use and apply coaching tools to deal with new challenegs and future changes to create the balance they need to be at their best.


Ideally, I would start working with an expecting mum to help her preapre her handover at work and to leave work at work. we would also discuss this life changing event in terms of identity, organization and beliefs.


It’s an optional session in which clients tend to reflect on a new role and identity. We would look at resources available, support required and boundaries to maximize return on time and energy investment. We would also prepare for returning to work or not returning to work.


After returning to work my clients would assess their reality to plan the most optimal outcomes in immediate and near future. We would also look at the client’s strengths, values and ambitions and develop an action plan to create a unique work-life-family blend followed by career plan.

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