My coaching style

My coaching style:

I strongly believe that the client is whole, resourceful and creative. We all have huge potential and through a co-active coaching approach, powerful questions and deep listening I am able to support my clients in their transition to live more fulfilled lives and achieve their goals. In the coaching process the Client finds their own solutions and answers as they are the specialists of their life. The agenda belongs to the Client. To you.

About My Clients:

Typical agendas:

  • Career change & Career Development
  • Financial planning
  • Work life balance, wellness
  • Life changes (expats)
  • Business creation and development
  • Life effectiveness
  • Self-confidence etc.

How many sessions are recommended?

The recommended minimum to explore one topic is 4 x 1h15 min sessions. They should be spaced 1-2 weeks apart to allow you to implement action points and progress towards your goal.

Client base: France, Switzerland, Ireland, Poland and South Africa  Рface to face or via Skype/Whatsapp/Facebook

Languages: English, Polish and French.

Role of coaching in my life: I have always been very curious about people and loved helping others. Coaching gives me both. I strongly believe that everyone has amazing potential, we just need to unlock it with the right questions. Personally, coaching helped me when starting my new life in France. I overcame some internal resistance, clarified my boundaries between my work and private life, identified my values and defined success for me. I opened my own business, continued learning French against certain difficulties and overcame usual expats’ challenges. I work on regular basis with a coach myself and use self-coaching almost on daily basis. It’s a part of my well-being routine.

IMPORTANT: Coaching is not consulting neither counselling.