CV writing & motivational letters

Your CV is what your potential employers and recruiters will see first. I can help you prepare your CV in English and make sure it highlights your streghts for the role that you apply for and, is easy to follow.

If you have an exsiting English CV, we can review it together and make sure it will stand out among other applications.

Are you guilty of making this mistake?

When you’re consistently sending out your CV to different organisations, it can be very tempting to send the same, identical CV each time. Although your CV will always be fairly similar, it’s important to tailor it to each new application. Of course, you must always remain truthful, but you should make sure your CV best highlights the most relevant skills and experience for the role in question.

Motivational Letter

Do you always send the same generic cover letter? Don’t just write a standard cover letter and then use it time after time. Make sure you write a detailed cover letter that is specific to both the role and the organisation.

A good cover letter can make your application stand out. It can be a decisive factor in choosing final candidates for an interview. In your cover letter you have a chance to explain your motivation for the role and how your skills match the ideal candidate’s profile. I can analyse with you the job advertisement and make sure the letter reflects its requirements and presents you in the best possible way.